Natalie Christopher

Natalie Christopher


Research Interests:

  • Interstellar Medium of Ultra/ Luminous Infrared Galaxies (U/LIRGs)
  • Star-formation rates in U/LIRGs
  • Outflows of atomic gas, as traced by the (CII) 158μm line in local ULIRGs
  • Modelling the spectral energy distribution of galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
I utilise multi-wavelength data in my research, however I have most experience working with infrared data (ISO, Spitzer and Herschel).


  • D.Phil (PhD) in Astrophysics - to present - University of Oxford (Linacre College)
    • Thesis title: The Inter-Stellar Medium and Physical Properties of Infrared Galaxies
  • MSci (Masters in Physics) - 2007 - Durham University (University College)
    • Masters title: Very High Energy Gamma Rays from the Active Galactic Nucleus PKS 2155-304


  • Active galactic nucleus torus models and the puzzling infrared spectrum of IRAS F10214+4724, Efstathiou, A; Christopher, N; Verma, A; Siebenmorgen, R, MNRAS, 2013, 436, 1873
  • Excited OH+, H2O+, and H3O+ in NGC 4418 and Arp 220, Gonzalez-Alfonso, E et al. 2013, A&A, 550, A25,23
  • The Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS): Survey Definition and Goals, Mauduit, al, 2012, PASP, 124, 714
  • Herschel/PACS spectroscopy of NGC 4418 and Arp 220: H O, H18O, OH, 18OH, O I, HC and NH , Gonzalez-Alfonso, E et al. 2012, A&A 541, A4
  • Modelling of the HERMES Submililmeter Source Lensed by a Dark Matter Dominated Foreground Group of Galaxies, Gavazzi, R et al. 2011, ApJ, 738, 125
  • HERMES: Discovery of a Multiply Lensed Submillimeter Galaxy in Early HerMES Herschel/SPIRE data, Conley, A. et al. 2011, ApJ , 732, L35
  • Far-Infrared Line Deficits in Galaxies with Extreme LFIR/MH2 Ratios, Gracia-Carpio, J et al. 2011, ApJ, 728: L7
  • Herschel ATLAS: far-infrared properties of radio-selected galaxies, Hardcastle, M.J et al. MNRAS, 2010, 409, 122
  • Herschel PACS spectroscopy of IR bright galaxies at high redshift, Sturm, E. et al. 2010, A&A 518, L36
  • The Herschel ATLAS, Eales, S et al. 2010, PASP, 122, 499
  • A Catalogue of Potential Adaptive Optics Survey Fields from the UKIRT archive, Christopher, N & Smail, I, 2006, MNRAS, 365, 439C

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The AHPC group was established in 2012 and carries out pioneering work in Astrophysics and Parallel and Distributed Computing.

The group has a prestigious network of international collaborators and is directed by Prof. Andreas Efstathiou, Vice Rector for Research and External Affairs.

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